SCANPATCH® is the world's first 100% waterproof 'Identification and Location' sharing system using embroidered fabric Patches. SCANPATCH® uses patented in Japan state-of-the-art technology to embed extremely high-quality NFC chips into flexible and washable Patches which can be affixed to clothing or any other surface. It is the first system that allows users to easily and safely share their Identity, Contact and Location information to others, in cases of emergency and other situations, from almost anywhere in the world, by harnessing the power of the internet, the utility of the mobile phone and the mobility of a wearable patch.

SCANPATCH® is fully designed and Made in Japan, using NFC chips from Holland and other materials of the highest quality to ensure a product that is manufactured to the highest standards of which the Japanese are renowned the world over for.

SCANPATCH® is NOT a tracking device. It will only share your Google location with your emergency contact person upon scanning. SCANPATCH® doesn't require batteries nor a SIM card to operate, so your product can be used stress-free and cheaply for a very long time.



The SCANPATCH® system allows users to share pre-stored information such as your identity, blood type, allergies, etc. on a ‘situational-need’ basis only. The system also allows the user to share emergency telephone numbers, send an e-mail notification with a Google location to pre-registered e-mail addresses as well as access documents like driving licence, insurance copies, medical records, etc. that are stored in the user’s secure password protected SCANPATCH® account.

Every day, unfortunate incidents occur, where victims of accidents are not identified, blood types, allergies and medical conditions are not known, contact details are not available, present location cannot be identified, etc. With a SCANPATCH® any person with an Android or IOS phone can access and share all of this information by just touching the phone to the Patch. The simplicity and ease of using SCANPATCH®, and the benefits of the information shared, makes this an invaluable asset to own.

Motorsport enthusiasts, Bikers, Travellers, Pet owners, Senior citizens, School children, Security personnel, in fact just about anybody, can avail of the different SCANPATCH® products best suited to them. Each product is tailored for ease of use and in different situations.


For Bikers
For Travelers
For Pets

SCANPATCH® may just help save your life,
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The manufacturer warrants the product SCANPATCH®, specifically the brands ICEPACK, TRAVELID, PETID, SENIORID, SECURTAG, STUDENTID to be free from defects in workmanship and materials, under normal general use and conditions, for a period of one (1) year from the original invoice date. The manufacturer agrees, at its option during the warranty period, to repair any defect in material or workmanship or to furnish a repaired or new replacement product in exchange without charge (All costs for shipping, handling, packing, return postage, and insurance will be incurred by the customer and shall be reimbursed on submission of receipts for all legitimate claims). Such repair or replacement is subject to verification of the defect or malfunction and proof of purchase as confirmed by showing the product number on original dated sales receipt.

  • NFC CHIP - The manufacturer warrants the NFC chip against manufacturing and material defects for ONE year.
  • PATCH – The manufacturer warrants the fabric or any other material used on your SCANPATCH® against; seam failure and fabric separation for one year. The manufacturer does not cover pilling and nap loss, which is a result of normal wear, nor fading, which can be caused by overexposure to sunlight and other natural causes.
  • Claims for merchandise that has been received damaged or defective must be made within TEN days from invoice date. The product should NOT be activated. All activated products shall be deemed to have been received in good condition.
  • Claims for all other types of merchandise issues must be made within ONE year from the invoice date.
  • Any claim for defective merchandise returns must be packed in original packaging.
  • We reserve the right to specify that items be returned to the original retailer for inspection, also be inspected by our representative in the field.
  • Pictures are required to claim defective merchandise, along with a copy of the original invoice.
  • If the claim is justified, the item(s) will be repaired or replaced. It is our policy to replace the product whenever possible.

This warranty does not include:

  • Any condition resulting from other than ordinary wear.
  • Any condition resulting from incorrect or inadequate maintenance or care.
  • Damage resulting from misuse, abuse, negligence or accidents.
  • Dissatisfaction due to buyer’s regret.
  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Damage incurred during attachment to clothes or any other surface.

The Company makes no express warranty or condition whether written or oral and the company expressly disclaims all warranties and conditions not stated in this limited warranty. This warranty is valid only in the country of India and to the extent allowed by the local law of jurisdictions outside India, the Company disclaims all implied warranties or conditions, including any implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. For all transactions occurring in India, any implied warranty of condition of merchantability, satisfactory quality, or fitness for a particular purpose is limited to the duration of the express warranty set forth here-in above. For consumer transactions, the limited warranty terms contained in this statement, except to the extent lawfully permitted, do not exclude, restrict, or modify but are in addition to the mandatory statutory rights applicable to the sale of this Product to the Purchaser.

All warranty claims must be filed by the consumer to the retailer of this product, who in turn is to contact the manufacturer regarding any warranty return or replacement. The manufacturer will not handle claims from the consumer directly. Please retain invoices for a minimum of one year for warranty purposes. Shipping and handling fees are to be paid for by the customer and shall be reimbursed on submission of receipts if claim is legitimate.


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